Ray & Helen Morris ( Australia )

Have you ever wondered about living one of those “once in lifetime” opportunities? It feels like this happened to my wife and me recently. It's half a World from Adelaide, South Australia, to Provence, France. So to join a cycling adventure was …well ….. one of those moments where you “need to pinch yourself”.

Such a variety of roads to ride (and on the other/right side of the road!), mountains (ie., yeah, REAL mountains) to climb, back-roads to explore, gorges to venture, and pedalling through those postcard ancient villages that I thought only happened on TV when watching Tour de France.

Things like this just don't happen by chance. It takes great planning and leadership from experienced pro’s like Allan “Alby” Davis who was co-leader of our experience. Great leaders can make things happen smoothly and seamlessly, leaving the fun to we clients!

Two months since this trip, I still get goose-bumps re-telling stories about this fortnight in Provence to my cycling mates. I am still in touch with Alby on several valued things, including acquiring a AllanDavisCycling.com kit. THANKS, Alby, for making our trip so special. Maybe it won't be a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience, let’s hope so?

Ray & Helen Morris