One-on-One Specialised Coaching

Allan Davis Cycling - Coaching: Has more than 20 years of coaching & cycling experience, ADC - (coaching) specializes in working with a wide variety of athletes. ADC - (coaching) offers a comprehensive online cycling coaching service to all level cyclists. It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or a pro, all you need is a willingness to push yourself to take full advantage of our services. ADC - (coaching) works with the Trainingpeaks coaching platform for all it´s clients. We believe that quality coaching should be available for everyone who wants it. That's why we provide 3 different options of coaching plansAll plans use our renowned scientific coaching, with differing levels of contact, and depth of analysis. Whether your goal is to win the World Championships, compete in a sportive, win a club race, win on Zwift & other online platforms, or just lose weight we use an evidence-based scientific & practical approach to help you achieve your goals. We can discuss a customized tailormade training program for you, no matter your age, gender, or level of cyclist, ADC - (coaching) would be absolutely delighted to work with you. Allan Davis is also involved in creating a NEW coaching YouTube channel called THISCYCLINGLIFE alongside colleagues Michael Rogers & Jamie Anderson. Please feel free to check it out and find some handy tips & great information. Please, also subscribe to our channel and receive up to date new episodes as they drop.



 OPTION UNO - 90€ / month:

-Monthly training plan provided.

-Training Peaks account analysis.

-Suitable for social & club riders.

-Interaction and contact service is limited.

OPTION DOS - 190€ / month:

-Suitable for social riders, club riders, competing cyclists of all ages, Zwift & online platform users & competitors. 

-Regular target/goal reviews.

-Guidance to race tactics.

-Pre-race/event preparation.

-Regular contact.

-Training Peaks account analysis.

-Personal Schedule – ability to amend your training program based on your change of weekly schedule ie, (race change, work, or illness).

-Supplement advice.

OPTION TRES - 240€ / month:

-Suitable for competing amateurs, and professional cyclists. 

-Allan represents you with access to Professional Teams & managers through his valuable contacts.

-Integrated strength plan.

-Tactical race preparation and analysis.

-Unlimited contact.

-Regular target/goal reviews.

-Motivational & focus coaching.

-Consultation regarding equipment and bike fit.

-Nutritional advice.

-Training Peaks account analysis.

-Personal Schedule – ability to amend your training program based on your change of weekly schedule ie, (race change, work, or illness).


Note: All training plan options have a 50 sign-up fee attached

 If you are interested in any coaching options available, please drop Allan Davis a line today at for a free consultation.



Jamie Aderson, Australian Masters Cyclist:

Andrés Rivera, Mexican cyclist from "Monterey".

"I've been training with Alby for a while, he really knows what he is doing! I used to finish the races just in the bunch, last year I was finishing with the strong guys, now I am winning races! On TrianingPeaks he follows you very closely and in a very personal way, always asks how you feeling and giving advice. Nutrition advice also helped me a lot from my preseason to the race season" Monterey, Mexico.

Eneko Iparragirre, Basque U23 cyclist, team "Parking Geltokia".

"Es increíble como Allan consigue de tan simple manera mejorar mi rendimiento adaptando a mis horarios, estudios... y poder compaginarlo todo. Gran apoyo psicológico para seguir trabajando, así llegando a amar más este gran deporte. Esto solo acaba de empezar. Eskerrikasko mate!" San Sebastian, Basque Country.

Sean Angus, Australian cyclist from "Mount Gambier".

"Since I started with Allan I have felt stronger and faster, I cant wait for the rest of the year, his training program is simple to understand and I recommend it to anybody who wants to improve there cycling" Mount Gambier, South Australia.

Nicolas Baldo, French professional cyclist, team "Roth Gruppe".

"With his skills and a great experience as a former pro rider, Allan helps me to plan the season and reach the best of my potential. Looking for a combination that helps me to realize my own aims and the goals of my team.
Training, the mental approach of the event, coping with the stress of the travels, recovering, and organizing the rider's routine is part of the topics we work on in order to keep looking forward" France.

Enrique Serrato, Mexican U23 cyclist, from Monterey, team "Seguros Bilbao".

"Hi, my name is Enrique, I have been working with Allan know for 2 seasons, I have really improved on my performance, Allan is a great coach and a great person, he helps you in everything you need to continue improving and achieving your goals,
he is always 100% for anything you need to continue improving".